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Numbers and series of number carry vibrations composed of energy and information. They create a specific wavelenght that affects the human body and sends healing impulses.

Numeric codes have been used by healers and shamans in different cultures for centuries to heal people. The effects of numbers on our consciousness and subconscious have been researched for years, and are proven by examples in the theory of quentum physics. By activating and repeating a series of numbers, numeric codes act and transfer their power to people and thus affect our subconscious.

By wearing IO SONO jewlery, a special power is transmitted. The engraved arrays of numbers act on the vibration level and create an energy bridge towards the desired target. And you have to feel it.

  • Be visible
  • Build your style and self-confidence
  • Raise self-awareness and your energy of abundancde
  • New consciousness, new mindset jewlery for new life
  • It really works and has worked through centuries

The power of numbers always by your side

IO SONO jewelry for awakened consciousness carries a special power. Power-bearing numbers are more than a fashion detail. By repeating a number or numbers from a sequence individually or by visualizing and observing the numbers you will activate their power in your subconscious. You have a unique opportunity to redefine yourself, every day. IO SONO is everything you ever want to be and restores faith that anything is possible. You manage your numbers by repeating the affirmations you get with your order. This way, your unique hand-made jewelry will sync with your wishes much faster.

Universal flow of life

Confidence And Selfconfidence

Sphere of happiness

Ethernal joy and prosperity

Harmony in family relationships

Perfect Health

Harmony of the present

Inner Peace

Professional success

Opens all the doors of the world

Meet the Io Sono concept of living and jumpstart the changes within you

Customer opinion


I've been wearing these bracelets for a while. And how should I describe it ?! ... they direct my life, behavior, thoughts and my professional life in a different, positive way.To be completely honest, at first I was skeptical ... But when I found the bracelets they changed everything and made me love. At first for me it was just a series of numbers. I asked myself, How can the numbers change my "doing"? But what can I lose if I don't try it?So I just gave it a try! ... I lived with the bracelets, I touched them, repeated the numbers out loud and what the numbers stand for. I noticed that they were having an effect. I cannot describe how the effect of the numbers works. Perhaps it is the subconscious that is influenced and directed by the numbers.I only know that since then I've become more relaxed. I am much more focused in many things. I deal with a lot of things differently. It is very easy to notice that I now deal with situations much lighter for the situations that used to take on a lot of energy.This affects my family, my health, and my business success. And it is not insignificant.Since then, the bracelets have been my constant companion. They give me the strength that I can balance everything as I used to imagine to..

Matilda R.

Customer opinion


I am very grateful and enthusiastic! Sladjana had the courage to turn this idea into reality - this bracelet is so great because, as a mother of four children, I don't always have the time to think about writing these great numbers on my body or on a piece of paper and her then visualize it.This bracelet helps me when I have time to just look at the number on my arm, I can also pronounce it and think about it. When I wear this, I know it works every minute.I am so grateful to Sladjana for her courage in her mission to improve people's lives with these great bracelets, to make them happier, richer AND healthier. The positive energy that Sladjana brings into these bracelets makes their effect even stronger. Thank you Sladjana for your courage and wish you every success!


Customer opinion


I already knew the whole method very well, but since I've had your bracelets on my hand, I've got this certain awareness of the power of numbers. In everyday life you forget yourself and many other important things through family, work and stress. This bracelet always gave me a little reminder about the important things in life, also better focus on now, and on my achievements and goals. It's not drastic change, but it happens. I feel that many new things are happening in my life, which I can also accept and welcome more consciously.


Customer opinion


Thank you for changing my life in a positive way. Everyone who knows me knows says I am rather skeptical and nothing gets my trust easily, I don't believe things that I cannot grasp. My mother gave me the bracelet for Christmas. I've been wearing it day and night ever since. I wear it at every opportunity: I eat, sleep, shower and even exercise with it. It's light and I hardly feel it when I wear it - but I do feel the strength it gives me. ... and I think it's really cute in pink with silver. My mother gave me inner peace, I also needed it badly. I don't know if the numbers are helping me. I believe it is the memory and the daily seeing of the bracelet that helps me find and keep my inner peace. Thank you very much, Sladjana, without you I would not have had the confidence to even deal with my inner peace. With love and gratitude

Chantal T.

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