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In order to enjoy life and know how to use its gifts, it is necessary to live gratitude in the present moment.Gratitude is the strongest prayer.It affects the quality of your life, and the way you live, but a large number of people tend to focus on what they lack in life and create a low vibration, a vibration of

In the last blog I wrote about crystals. With this blog, I will try to explain the meaning of numbers and their true power.Numbers are our spiritual guides that guide us towards achieving our goals. They represent the result of certain frequencies or vibrations, because everything that surrounds us is a vibration.The use of numerical sequences is very simple, and known

I look forward to being able to tell you with joy that from now on you can expect a new blog every 14 days because we decided to relaunch our blog to enable you to enrich your life with knowledge and create an excellent relationship and communication.I will begin our journey into the world of knowledge with crystals whose history