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I look forward to being able to tell you with joy that from now on you can expect a new blog every 14 days because we decided to relaunch our blog to enable you to enrich your life with knowledge and create an excellent relationship and communication.

I will begin our journey into the world of knowledge with crystals whose history goes back far into the past, into the past in which we did not yet exist, to the very beginning of the creation of the world.

Crystals are part of nature and thus are living beings. Minerals that crystallize, and which are transparent and hard, are called precious stones. We have seen their use among people since ancient times, where they were used in the treatment of various issues, whether on a physical or spiritual level. For example, amethyst was used as a stone that successfully cures headaches.

Then, as today, they still have an important function in our lives. And why is that? This is because their vibrations have a beneficial effect on the environment or on the individual who carries it. They are a reflection of ourselves, and what we send out to the universe is returned to us twice. Because of that, it is necessary to treat them with love and respect, because that is the only way you will send positive vibrations towards them and towards yourself.

Crystals affect the emotional and mental states of a person. 

By carrying them with us, we are getting support in all the challenges we face in our daily lives. Each crystal or group of crystals helps with a specific problem. When a person reaches for a crystal with his hand, he has a reason why he chose that crystal, that shape, that color. It often happens that a person chose the stone of her zodiac sign, or a stone that helps in an area where a person needs support. It is very important to know that crystals combined with silver have a stronger effect because silver is a guide – a connection between a person and a crystal.

They also have a great meaning in the spiritual realm because they work to establish a connection between us and the energy of the earth.

The effect of the crystal is largely related to its color. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right one:

White crystals are characterized by purification and cleansing. For example, quartz has the ability to increase the energy of other crystals.

Energy drinks have the same purpose as the red crystal – they increase passion and energy. We are motivated to take action, and the feelings are very intense and strong. When we need a boost to act on some immediate work, this crystal is the right choice.

Pink crystals represent warm feelings and love. They encourage tenderness, compassion and emotional healing by bringing kindness and love into our lives. Forgiveness, self-love, empathy and romance can be obtained by wearing a pink crystal during meditation.

Orange crystal is associated with sexuality, creativity and enthusiasm. When we feel confused, this stone can help us make important decisions.

Yellow crystals express optimism and make us feel clear and positive about our authentic self. They promote positive energy and greatly support new endeavors. Your own strength and self-confidence also get a huge boost by wearing this stone.

Green crystals embody both nature and money. Therefore, they bring wealth and abundance. We can also grow and develop spiritually and emotionally by channeling energy in the right way.

Blue crystals promote calmness and serenity along with strength, just like the sky and ocean. They indicate clarity in communication and enable honest expression. We feel calm and collected while expressing our ideas.

Purple crystals embody spiritual energy. They establish a connection between us and the mystical realm by strengthening our instinct and greater self-awareness. Violet crystals serve as extraordinary tools for tapping into the divine aspect and achieving greater creative inspiration.

Black crystals protect and are very effective in removing negativity. These stones can dispel our fears and promote emotional and physical security.

Crystals need to be emptied, or cleaned and recharged. 

When worn, the crystal quickly takes on our vibrations, and emotions, and also draws in all the negativity that accumulates in our body. When we come into contact with a crystal for the first time, we must empty it because it contains the traces of all the people through whose hands it passed. Depending on the type of crystal, it is emptied under a stream of running water, or next to another crystal, or immersed in sea salt and sea water.

By charging the crystal, we increase its power, and its efficiency. The bigger it is, the stronger it is. Some crystals are charged in the sun, and some of them are charged with other crystals, or by combining several crystals.

IO SONO jewelry


IO SONO jewelry is made from crystals and has a special power for anyone who wears it because it is unique, with intention to help anyone who embraces it.

Think in silence and feel your true desires (whether they are related to love, work, family…), visit our website and find out what the power of crystals can do.

Even greater knowledge awaits you in 14 days when I’ll bring you the truth about numbers, and the power of numerical sequences. Find out what your life path number is, in order to fully understand the mission of IO SONO jewelry.

With love, Sladjana

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