Sometimes, life is really weird. I used to be kinda afraid of the topic of spirituality, while at the same time, many people around me were telling me that I was so spiritual. For me, that was almost a negative thing. Although I am a believer, I did not want to find myself in the same drawer as the others. According to my perception, spirituality was a belief in the church, in Jesus or the Buddha, that was my definition.

Today, when someone says “You are so spiritual”, I consider it one of the greatest compliments that can be given to a person. Because today my definition of spirituality is very different. For many years I have read books and participated in many workshops and seminars on spiritual topics – but only now have I realized what is meant by them.
Now I live that too.


Spirituality means something different to everyone. For me, spirituality is first and foremost FREEDOM. The freedom to be who you are. It is a belief in one’s own creativity. BELIEF in life, LOVE, gratitude, and COURAGE.

It is God’s free will that every human being can use for himself. Everyone can decide for themselves what they want for their life. Everyone is entitled to it, everyone can just walk in their own shoes and have their own experiences. For years I have lacked the courage to walk in my own shoes. In the past, I didn’t dare say things that might not please everyone, but today I can create my own miracles every day. I believe in myself, but I also believe that my goals are related to something higher.

Money can also be spiritual. You don’t just have to give, there is no balance if you always give, the point is in giving and also receiving. Everyone has the right to make a lot of money and change the world with their vision.

Spirituality is always a CHARACTERISTIC of life in abundance. That also includes money. If I have nothing, if I am in longing, I cannot give anything to myself or others. If I have too little self-confidence or self-love, that will reflect on money, also.

Self-confidence is also important. You’re never convincing if you’re just playing one and the same role, but if you know who you are and know your values, then a customer or business partner can see that too. If you have positive energy yourself, others will want to work with you. This is how we attract other people and then we become more successful, and we can make others successful.


Belief in oneself is not only spiritual. What is connected with a spiritual belief is WORK itself = working on yourself every day, being in constant motion, trying to realize your ideas. I can apply this discipline only with enough real energy.

If you don’t do it the right way or if you consider yourself a failure, you can’t convince anyone of your idea or your product. In that state, you can’t be in spiritual harmony with what you want to sell or sell.

Everyone would rather receive some good energy from someone else.

Life is WONDERFUL if we want it to be. Take your time, incorporate the game and your life, the song into your work, adapt to your clients in the best possible way! With this attitude, we can also better respond to unforeseen problems. In that situation, we can say, for example: Let’s see what it’s good for, so we’ll turn difficulties into opportunities!

In that case, the problem can be not only a challenge but also a friend. Examine the problem of what he wants to tell us, maybe, in the end, it can make us happy or enrich us. Play a problem-solving game!


I believe in my collection and number sequences. Jewelry reminds me, 24 hours a day, of what I want to get through life: professional success, more love, healthy relationships, or stable health. By constantly repeating, we strengthen our belief that all this can happen. At least that’s how I experience it day by day, and with this method, I would like to give it to everyone else in the form of my jewelry.

This took me to the flow, so to speak. All the problems I’ve had before I founded IO SONO brought me on the road, closer to my goal.


“The purest form of insanity is when people always do the same thing and expect different results” – this sentence by Albert Einstein reminds us of the importance of daring and trying new things. We cannot change anything if we do not dare to do something new.

In order to tackle something and create a new trend, a new project, a sincere desire, or a business idea, we need to practice it. And we should stick to that. Not only do we need discipline, but we also need patience. Not even Rome was built in one day.

But we should not look at it so thoughtfully, but rather lightly, then the energy can flow. The main thing is to make a decision that you want something, if you are on the way to it, then you can achieve it!

So it is in business. From today until tomorrow, even the biggest business idea can’t be realized, it is important to process it all harmoniously. Surrender to the flow and believe.

Everyone can do this in their job, whether it’s a baker, a hairdresser, or an engineer, everyone can reach their spirituality.

Today we live in times where we have more opportunities than before. We can quickly connect with others and share ideas via Instagram, Facebook, and the Internet. Unfortunately, this often leads us to compare ourselves to others. Although everyone is unique in their lives.


With my jewelry, I want to help you create a new awareness of your life and fulfill your dreams!

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