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In order to enjoy life and know how to use its gifts, it is necessary to live gratitude in the present moment.

Gratitude is the strongest prayer.
It affects the quality of your life, and the way you live, but a large number of people tend to focus on what they lack in life and create a low vibration, a vibration of dissatisfaction and self-criticism.

Gratitude for what you already have greatly affects and can influence your everyday life and physical health if you accept it. It becomes genuine at the moment when you change your attitude towards life, and replace every low vibration with its acceptance.

Are you grateful for who you are, what you have, and what surrounds you?

What thoughts go through your head in the morning and at night? Are those worries about appearance, work, and errands that you have to do, or are you simply carried away by the beauty and joy of even existing at this moment and having the power to see the day, the sun, the stars, your loved ones.

Daily running after errands and the hectic pace that has become a lifestyle builds a wall more and more and creates an even greater distance from enjoying the present moment and being grateful for everything you have and what you once hoped for.

There are more and more diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction, and self-harm that it is difficult to see that what you really need is already in you and around you.
The more grateful you are, the more you live and enjoy the present!

The past teaches us, and the future is undefined and causes fears.
Gratitude is a powerful tool for awakening the awareness of the existence and therefore it is necessary to live in gratitude every day.
When you find yourself in a moment of spontaneous gratitude for what you have, hold that thought, shift all your attention to the area around your heart, and feel that vibration of emotion growing inside you. At that moment, you are establishing a connection between mind and body. Many people feel the feeling of gratitude superficially because they are focused on the material. In order to peer into the depths, Deepak Chopra suggests a simple exercise. In the evening, before you fall asleep, remember your day. Pay attention to the things you are truly grateful for, which you were not even aware of. In this way, over time, you’ll achieve a perfect balance between mind, spirit, and body, and the feeling of gratitude will manifest itself in all areas of your everyday life.

Being in gratitude means acting and creating high vibrations. Of course, it is difficult to be in high vibrations every day, and grateful because there are also days that are full of challenges. That’s why take it one step at a time. May your day begin with gratitude for welcoming a new morning, for being the person you should be. Turn to the present moment because the way you vibrate now attracts everything that will come to you in the future. IO SONO jewelry raises vibrations because it complements and gives a step forward to everyone who lives gratitude regardless of current challenges. It is the way forward. IO SONO works through gratitude, and through it comes love, faith, and support. It is a tool that allows us to amplify the vibration we carry within us even more because it is in close interaction with part of the 7 powerful laws of the UNIVERSE (Law of Mentalism, Law of Vibration, Law of Correspondence, Law of Polarity, Law of Rhythm, Law of Gender, Law of Cause and Effect).
As you live and nurture your mind, you also nurture your energy points in the body. These energy points, vortices of energy and power that feed on the vibration of the mind, are known as Chakras. If the vibrations are low, there are blockages and the body gets sick, but otherwise, there is a harmony of mind, soul, and body. More about the chakras, their function, and how they affect the body in two weeks.

With love, Sladjana


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