Every start is like a new adventure. With each new project, there is a lot of excitement, it’s like falling in love. You don’t know exactly what to expect, but you’re looking forward to it. You are curious about the new situation, it gives you encouragement and strength.

It is similar to conception and childbirth. The baby is already there in the womb and had been growing inside before it was born. So it is with our projects. There were tons of plans and preparations for the project of my heart, IOSONO.

As with the newborn, I also had to learn many new things I hadn’t even thought about before.
How can you recognize the right moment for a fresh start?

As in spring: trees, bushes, and earth are bare for months. Suddenly the flowers and leaves appear, from the inner treasure too, and everything becomes beautiful.

When the moment comes, the flower will bloom. Before that, it will not germinate from the ground until the right time comes. Nor will it grow faster if you pull it off.

It is the same with this project. I tried to create something with enthusiasm countless times, but not once did I succeed. There was always something missing, or I was halfway there. But in the end, it all made sense in retrospect.

I believe we are all controlled by a higher power that knows when the time is right.
In a situation when something goes wrong, even though we try our best, we become disappointed. We don’t look at the situation thoroughly and do not notice any positive effects. Only in the end do we realize that it was actually a good thing. So now, I have even better ideas than before.

I think it’s good to get involved in the process and trust it.

Of course, it is important to plan and prepare everything in detail. But it is also important to be patient. Only when the right moment comes, the process can begin, and from that moment everything will become easier.


I want to name my website and jewelry IO SONO with the number 938. 938 is the number of love. This sequence of numbers is very important to me because love is the basis of everything. IOSONO is created out of LOVE, so I want to spread that love even further.

LOVE is in all the details of this project, from the idea, the design to the production and delivery of each individual bracelet. LOVE is always the best navigation system for everyone.

With this jewelry, I want to give others the opportunity to achieve their goals, desires, and dreams as quickly as possible.
Even if you know nothing about the power of numbers, you can simply try and get involved. We can experience a lot if we try. Just be surprised by what still awaits you!

Feel the spiritual! That’s also what I think about spirituality in business.

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