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In the last blog I wrote about crystals. With this blog, I will try to explain the meaning of numbers and their true power.

Numbers are our spiritual guides that guide us towards achieving our goals. 

They represent the result of certain frequencies or vibrations, because everything that surrounds us is a vibration.

The use of numerical sequences is very simple, and known as one of the methods for healing various diseases. The approach to this method is best described in the book “Restoration of the human organism through concentration on numerical sequences” by Grigori Grabovoi. It contains descriptions of 1,000 diseases and the corresponding numerical sequence. By concentrating on specific numerical sequences, we heal ourselves from the associated disease.


The numerical sequence is the path towards transformation because it affects the level of our vibrations and the creation of an energy bridge towards the desired goal. In combination with crystals, their effect is even stronger.

That’s why I combined the energy of crystals and the power of numbers in my jewelry collection IO SONO, in order to help everyone to overcome every challenge in life as easily as possible.

Today, the collection has 11 areas, each of which contains a corresponding series of numbers that it supports and acts on, and each of them contains corresponding numbers from 0 to 9.

Each number carries a vibration by which it works.

 The numerical sequences of a particular area are read as each number separately, because that is where their strength lies.

The power of the number 0

Limitlessness, unity, infinity, truth, purity, love, alpha and omega, potential, breath of God, source, awareness, cosmic egg, God.

The power of number 1

Beginning, novelty, focused concentration, goal-striving, action, independence, originality, courage, invention, leader, confidence, ambition, pioneer, will, conscious mind, positivity.

The power of number 2

Duality, distribution, polarity, choice, pregnancy, cooperation, favor, harmony, support, waiting, diplomacy, patience, clairvoyance, intuition, adaptability, empathy, partnership, mediator, comparison, receptivity, helper, collection, reproduction, balanced opposite, subconscious memories, positivity and negativity.

The power of the number 3

The trinity, union of Divine and human, manifestation, positivity, negativity and neutrality, expression, subconscious mind/imagination, creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, expressiveness, charm, humor, fun, attractiveness, friendship.

The power of the number 4

Practicality, neatness, patience, logic, diligence, faithfulness, construction, persistence, modesty, responsibility, strength, planning, material creativity, balance.

The power of the number 5

Adventure, change, freedom, exploration, variety, sensuality, detachment, curiosity, experience, periodicity, seeker of knowledge, teacher of knowledge, traveler, imagination, innocence, playfulness.

The power of the number 6

Harmony, beauty, nurturing, love, marriage, family, responsibility, understanding, compassion, healing, empathy, perfectionism, order, duty, comfort, services.

The power of the number 7

Philosophy, wisdom, seeker of wisdom, aloofness, inventiveness, indifference, deep thinker, spirituality, faith, inscrutability, exotic, unusual, hidden, seeking perfection, celestial, enigma.

The power of the number 8

Attainment, abundance, execution, firmness, self-discipline, power, success, authority, psychology, entrepreneurship, intensity, supervision, favor, opulence.

The power of the number 9

Completion, benefaction, compassion, romance, selflessness, generosity, benefaction, love, wisdom, idealist, artist, spiritual healer, supernatural, mixed.

life path number

I believe that you, like me, have your life path number.

The life path number is the basic and most important number of your numerological chart. It is the number you were born with, which constantly guides you through life, offers certain possibilities, but does not dictate that you move in the indicated direction. It provides an overview of the challenges and lessons you may face. By focusing on the values given by this number, you are able to maximize your potential and gain the experience you need, i.e. fulfill yourself, which is the most important spiritual need of man.

You can find out which is your life path number in the following way.

For example, your birthday is July 27, 1990, we add all the numbers together 2 + 7 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 35, we perform this operation until we get a single digit number 3+5=8 – your life path number.

Working with numbers is very simple, believe me, because I’ve been through it all myself, and I know how difficult it is to convince yourself that change through decision and the power of numbers is possible.

The painful path I went through to be where I am now strengthened me and gave me the strength to realize my destiny and create the IO SONO jewelry collection – the power of numbers and crystals.

Now, I walk the path of joy and love, and I want to shear it with all of those who are touched by these words, and with all who embrace IO SONO.

One number has a special value because it strengthens all the others, which you will be able to see in the next blog in 14 days. Its power was recognized by our great inventor, a man ahead of his time – N. Tesla.


With love, Sladjana


Source and additional knowledge for anyone who wants to know even more:

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