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In the previous blog, I wrote about numbers and their power. What if I told you that with the number 369 and manifestation, you can move the universe in a completely new direction and energy.

Manifestation is an idea that implies that thinking about your own goals can help you achieve them.

The basic concept of the manifestation is saying out loud the goals and dreams you want to achieve in order to encourage yourself to achieve them. Simply speaking positive things to yourself will disrupt the negative thinking in your brain and trigger the law of attraction in a positive way. All it takes is just 5 minutes, because that is enough time to trigger the energy of number 369.

If you know the magnificence of the numbers three, six and nine, you also know the secret of the universe – Nikola Tesla.

Tesla believed that the numbers three, six and nine were “divine numbers” and had spiritual significance in terms of the nature of the universe and the way humans live.

There are various tools and ways to get what we want. Now, in addition to all of that, you have the opportunity to try the manifestation of what you desire with the number 369 technique.

A simple technique, affects the subconscious, motivates and strengthens focus. Technique number 369 is in accordance with the law of attraction, because it draws attention to what we really want in our life, whether your thoughts and desires are high vibrating/low vibrating, they will come true.

What else is so special about number 369?

The number 3 represents our connection to the universe and creative expression, the number 6 inner strength and balance, while the number 9 represents our rebirth (that is, discarding what no longer serves and transforming into what we are truly meant to become).

If you want to make a wish come true with the help of the numbers 369, the first thing you have to do is clearly define the wish. Then an affirmation related to that wish, as if the wish had already come true. Let’s say that you want to be fulfilled in a family, the affirmation should sound as “I have a wonderful partner by my side, and a wonderful daughter”. If you want your family to grow, then “Our second child is on the way”.

After you find the right affirmation, write it down 3 times in the morning, then 6 times during the day and 9 times at night, before going to bed. At the time of writing, it would be good to visualize what you want to get.

Abraham Hicks 369

Make sure that for at least the first 17 seconds your thoughts are connected with the words you are writing on paper/mobile phone, full of feelings of gratitude, happiness, love and peace. According to Abraham Hicks, if you focus on a thought for more than 17 seconds, that thought begins to attract other thoughts and other forms of energy in order to make those thoughts bigger. If you last 68 seconds, the manifestation will start even faster. After writing, close your eyes and imagine your desire, experience it in the present moment. While practicing this technique, it is good to pay attention to the environment, opportunities, calls or signs that may be associated with the desire.

It is important that until the next time you write, you don’t think about how and in what way the wish will come true, because it is no longer your concern. It is necessary to allow it to manifest itself in the material world. 

Let the power of the numbers 369 work for you.

This principle of manifestation needs to be done for 21, 33 or 45 days, while some say for even 9 days, or until the desire manifests.

Method 369 can be done as many times as you like, but it is recommended to focus on one wish until it comes true.

When our focus is on what we want to attract into our life, we do everything to achieve it. Technique number 369 can definitely help us in this.

It really works, and I say this from experience because I work on manifesting, and using the power of the number 369 in my IO SONO jewelry collection in order to amplify the effect of the chosen sequence of numbers in each area as much as possible. 

When choosing any bracelet from our IO SONO jewelry collection, you are also getting the number 369 as a gift.

IO SONO jewelry has it engraved on every bracelet because it is the number I was given at birth, and in my horoscope, so because of its power I want to give it as a gift to anyone who decides to become part of our family.

You can find out how to live in the present moment through gratitude and IO SONO in the next blog in two weeks, so until then, start with manifesting your desires.


With love, Sladjana



Source and additional knowledge for anyone who wants to know even more: (Atma; )

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