“Embrace the power of new lifes energy
through the power of numbers”

“Embrace the power of new lifes energy through the power of numbers”


Hello, I am Sladjana Saccomando, the creator of the IO SONO jewelry collection!

The numbers were pretty insignificant to me and had a somewhat pragmatic meaning. They reminded me only of such prosaic things like dialing some phone numbers or paying bills. But then a miracle happened. I was very ill at the time and I didn’t see a way I could help myself. I ended up in the hospital, in great pain, without a specific diagnosis and our life danger was very critical. I was screaming in pain and the doctors couldn’t find what was wrong with me for over two days. Then a special moment in my life happened.

A dear friend revealed to me the secret efficiency of numerical sequences. She told me to write down the numbers she was telling me to write. At first, I was very skeptical and rejected that possibility with a sour smile. But not seeing another way out.

I tried it myself. Then my whole life changed for the better. Unbelievably, first the pain started to change and became lighter. At one point I thought it was from the infusions and morphine that I got several times a day. Soon after, I was examined by the head doctor, finally got a diagnosis so elusive until then, and they operated on me immediately. The doctors could not believe how great I felt after the surgeries and I was discharged home much sooner than expected.

I completely recovered and forgot about the numbers, probably much like anyone who didn’t need something anymore. But the next time I found myself in a seemingly hopeless situation, I remembered the power of numbers that have helped me once before. So, I decided to try again. And again, to my disbelief, the situation was resolved so quickly that this time I was really shocked by the efficiency and the speed in which the numbers and number strings work. The numbers have been with me ever since.

Since that day, I have used them every single day and in my daily life. I wanted them near me, so I wrote them in notebooks, on the body, and everywhere around me. I loved the numbers and the way they work so much that I prayed to God that someone in the world would make jewelry (especially bracelets) so that I could wear them every day as jewelry, and work with the numbers themselves, the tools of transformation as they are. Since I could not find such a product, I decided to create it, for myself and everyone like me who feels the strength and power of change, life, love, the energy of the cosmos that arrives just when we need it, not just for those big things in life like those that happened to me, but for every precious day, a gift of life. That’s why Io Sono chose me to create it and bring it to life in my own way, and that’s how my story began and the IO SONO brand was born. The intention of the brand and the concept behind each handmade product is to help people all over the world, so that everyone can procure for themselves a tool to achieve great transformations and find healing in all new things – mental, emotional and physical. I know this may all sound like a miracle, but I guarantee you that not only does it sound that way but it IS that way.

Today, I start each day filled with love, joy and trust. I breathe life in with all my heart, bursting with life energy and passion.

Why did I decide to make the IO SONO jewelry collection? After my experience, I wanted to give other people a tool that can help them fulfill their dreams and reach love, abundance, well-being and health, too. This jewelry helps us to merge with our original IO SONO – I AM, to return to our essence and discover and live our unique, unrepeatable, absolute purpose.

That is why I have been working as a fashion psychologist, styling and image consultant for 20 years ( Today, using that love, passion and energy, I help my many satisfied clients discover their full potential and be the best version of themselves.

The only way to happiness is to be your own personal essence. To be what we need to be. To be – IO SONO



In my IO SONO jewelry collection, I combine love, passion and my dream. From the very beginning, my desire was to reach as many people as possible who need inspiration and strength to find and live their true purpose.

Numerical sequences have brought abundance and prosperity into my life. By the twist of fate, when I needed it most, I discovered the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, a doctor of physics and mathematical sciences. He is an academic who discovered the field of creative information and created original works on predicting future events and their management, conscious correction. Grabovoi has developed numerous researched and scientifically proven methods and technologies of guiding and focusing consciousness in order to achieve the desired results, as well as regeneration and better health. He has published two important books on the topic of establishing a harmonious and conscious life: “Regeneration of health by concentrating on numerical sequences” and “Methods of concentration for each day”.

He says that each number carries in its structure one spiritual and energetic vibration, which independently acts independently of the language in which it is spoken, as well as the vibration carried by words and sound. Our consciousness is connected with numbers and when we concentrate on them, the vibrations of numbers activate the vibrations in the zones of our consciousness, it expands and awakens, and at the same time helps the development of our spirit.

The power of numbers can also be enhanced by using two already well-known techniques.
The first is EFT (Emotional Freedom Tehnique) created by Gary Crage, better known as tapping. EFT works by tapping on the presumed currents through which it is believed that “life energy”, the so-called qi, flows in the body (meridian points). By tapping them, we release the blockages. Each meridian is connected with a certain organ, emotion and belief. We approach a given meridian through its precisely defined point, which is the most accessible or closest to the surface of the body, and at that point we stimulate it by tapping (light tapping with our fingers). These specific energy pathways or meridians help balance the flow of energy to maintain our health. It is believed that an imbalance in the flow of energy on the other hand can result in a worsening of the general state of mind and body or illness.

Another technique by which you can amplify and speed up the action of numerical sequences is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological approach that includes the analysis of success strategies, but also actions through which thoughts, language and actions are connected, and works on correcting patterns of behavior learned through experience with certain outcomes.

By combining these two additional techniques with the power of numbers and numerical sequences, the transformation process is accelerated and it is easier to reach the state of abundance that is sought through the vibration of a particular sequence.

That is why with your order, you also receive precise instructions, affirmations, as well as instructions for working with numbers (see more HERE).



The strong desire for the power of numbers to always be available to anyone who is ready to receive and realize it in me led me to fill the empty space with my creativity and create unique handmade jewelry with the power of life-changing numerical strings. That is when Io Sono was born. My reminder of what I want to do in life is now always with me and I am determined to keep that power at the fingertips of everyone. And not only that.
When IO SONO jewelry was “born”, I decided to invest a part of the sale of each bracelet in humanitarian projects, because together we can make our world an even more beautiful and quality place for everyone.
My special dream is to make a school in Kenya for children who are not able to get an education and give them a chance for a better future.

Join me in creating a conscious and humane environment, today and tomorrow and always. Why go through the power of numbers? Because you deserve it, because you can, because it was given to each of us as a gift that we must not waste, but embrace and live it.

The power in you

The power in you


Love, passion and energy.

You are everything you achieve in life and all the goals you are about to achieve!

You are everything you do and how you do!

You are a being who always does everything with love, devotion, passion and full energy.

Life is a special gift and everyone deserves to fully enjoy it. Don’t waste it on negative energy. Who doesn’t want to say for himself that he is satisfied with himself and his life, full of serenity and happiness, that is loved, respected and valued, full of passion and self-confidence?

I am convinced that that power is in all of us, we sometimes only need that one extra spark to release it.

That spark is IO SONO!

With IO SONO and the power of numbers I want to give you the energy to unleash your own power that will forever be your personal companion in your life.

So you wear yours too – IO SONO!

The power of numbers always by your side

IO SONO jewelry carries a special power. Power-bearing numbers are more than a fashion detail. By repeating a number or numbers from a sequence individually or by visualizing and observing the numbers you will activate their power in your subconscious. You have a unique opportunity to redefine yourself, every day. IO SONO is everything you ever want to be and restores faith that anything is possible.

Universal flow of life

Harmony in family relationships

Inner Peace

Confidence And Selfconfidence

Perfect Health

Professional success

Sphere of happiness

Eternal joy and prosperity

Harmonization / harmony of the present

Opens all the doors of the world