Principles of IO SONO jewelry

1. When you get your IO SONO jewelry, you need to connect with it on an energy level. How are you going to do that? When you open the package that has been summoned into your life, prepare a peaceful environment for yourself, be at ease with your thoughts and feel as if your best friend has come, that you have gone to your favorite place or returned to some happiest moment of your life. By opening the package, you will realize that you are guided and always supported in order to open all your desired paths, that IO SONO jewelry and your bracelet will be your navigation towards that coveted goal.

2. Put it on your body, place the bracelet on your arm. You will best connect with jewelry through the affirmation that I personally intuitively get for each of you and that awaits you in the package.

3. My recommendation is to close your eyes 3 times a day for a period of one to 5 minutes and repeat the numerical sequence for your selected objective, number by number, each number individually, repetitively. You should try to visualize the number, to feel it, to connect with it.

4. To enhance the effect of numbers, you can add some of the techniques such as tapping and affirmations. You can include tapping by tapping on the TH 3 Gamut meridian (on hand). Since the meridians are even, it doesn’t matter which hand is involved. For affirmations, you need to repeat your personal affirmation.
Example: IO SONO / I am grateful for the love that surrounds me.
In that way, numbers work best for us because our intention and a certain number harmonize and make a whole.

Note: Of course you can wear jewelry without doing anything with it. Even just wearing jewelry on your body will give you great results.