Confidence & self-confidence – Agate Bracelet


Confidence is having faith in who we are and what we can accomplish. It is the main quality we need to start the new day with a smile. Combine the series of numbers 4733474 with the agate crystal to achieve inner stability, balance, and self-acceptance. Put a smile on your face by wearing this bracelet, and seize the day!

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Benefits of wearing agate crystal
• Raises consciousness, connects us with our collective consciousness, and makes us aware of the unity of life.
• With its energy agate leads us to spiritual and inner stability also brings emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.
• Harmonizes yin and yang which brings us great strength, while stabilizing the aura by removing and transforming negative energy.
• Stimulates mental function, improves concentration, perception, guides us to practical solutions.
• Helps with gastritis, has a positive effect on the stomach, digestion, eyes, and uterus.
• Cleanses the lymph and pancreas, strengthens the circulatory system, and helps with skin diseases.
Cleaning: Agate is usually cleaned once a week under running water for 3 to 5 minutes. It is then left to stand for several hours in direct sunlight, or left overnight with a rock crystal.


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