Confidence & self-confidence – Moonstone Bracelet


Do you need to strengthen your faith in yourself? Moonstone symbolizes inner balance and helps you to recognize your own worth. Combine the series of numbers 4733474 with a moonstone bracelet to enhance your confidence and self-worth. Wear it to remind yourself that you deserve a fulfilling, self-determined life.

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Benefits of wearing moonstone
• Help us to extract from the universe what we need, and to balance the sacral chakra and all other chakras.
• Protects during pregnancy, childbirth, and while traveling.
• Brings happiness in love and awakens the tender feelings of the people who carry it.
• Has a good effect on the pituitary gland, the digestive system, helps with obesity, water retention, hormonal and menstrual difficulties, and alleviates problems during menopause.
• Cleanses blood, regulates blood sugar, and stimulates insulin production.
• Improves emotional intelligence and soothes instability, stress, and stabilizes feelings.
The moonstone is cleaned after each use for several minutes under running water or overnight in a container of water together with a rock crystal and is charged in the moonlight.


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