Confidence & self-confidence – Turquoise Bracelet


Strength and self-confidence are the starting points for a fulfilling life. The turquoise stone as a symbol of courage and strength can help you overcome everyday challenges. Combine the series of numbers 4733474 with the turquoise stone and get this bracelet to strengthen faith in your abilities.

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Benefits of wearing turquoise crystal
• Helps us with cleaning all harmful substances and toxins.
• Cures the eyes and cataracts, is good for the heart and muscular system, and also helps with anorexia.
• Gives protection against fear, evil forces, spells, and bad thoughts.
• Soothes in stressful situations.
• Strengthens the ability to communicate. It is great for people who are closed and otherwise find it difficult to open up to others.
• When given away as a gift, it brings good luck.


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