Eternal joy and prosperity – Citrine Bracelet


For those days when the world feels like it’s against you, and you need a reminder of joy, the citrine bracelet is here for you. The stone of success and abundance – citrine, has been known to cancel out negative energy, encourage optimism, attract wealth. Combine sequence 741 with a citrine bracelet to increase your personal power, and wear it every day to fill your life with joy & happiness!

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Benefits of wearing citrine crystal
• Helps us to move from a lower to a higher level of self-awareness, one of the few stones that cancel out negative energy.
• Encourages optimism and good mood, attracts wealth.
• Encourages sharing and giving. As a stone of solar energy, it has an element of fire and projective energy.
• Helps us to overcome unrest, fears, and dissatisfaction that can turn into severe depression over time.
• Gives us peace, balance, and inner harmony that affects our immunity.
It is cleaned once or twice a month under lukewarm water, and is filled and regenerated very briefly in the sun.


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