Harmonious family relationships – Moonstone Bracelet


The family is the basic cell of society, where you find the strength for everyday life challenges. The moonatone is particularly beneficial during pregnancy and childbirth to provide protection against any negative outside influences. Combine the series of numbers 285555910 with a moon crystal to get a symbol of purity, hope, and a new beginning, for you and your family.

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Benefits of wearing moonstone
• Help us to extract from the universe what we need, and to balance the sacral chakra and all other chakras.
• Protects during pregnancy, childbirth, and while traveling.
• Brings happiness in love and awakens the tender feelings of the people who carry it.
• Has a good effect on the pituitary gland, the digestive system, helps with obesity, water retention, hormonal and menstrual difficulties, and alleviates problems during menopause.
• Cleanses blood, regulates blood sugar, and stimulates insulin production.
• Improves emotional intelligence and soothes instability, stress, and stabilizes feelings.
The moonstone is cleaned after each use for several minutes under running water or overnight in a container of water together with a rock crystal and is charged in the moonlight.


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