Harmony of the present – Hematite Bracelet


We are the creators of our lives. This bracelet will carry your thoughts, words, and actions into harmony with the universe. Hematite strengthens your connection with the earth and focuses energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind, and spirit. Combine sequence 71042 with a hematite bracelet and wear it to remember to live in the moment and create the life you want.

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Benefits of wearing hematite crystal
• Strengthens the body and eyes, soothes inflammation and burns, balances blood cells, calms the heart, controls its rhythm, and has a pleasant effect on the cerebellum.
• Helps with lung, kidney, liver, and spleen problems, as well as sleep problems.
• Soothes panic attacks and excessive selfishness.
• Brings spontaneity, freshness, and joy into our lives.
• It is good for the aura, protects our energy field, and lowers blood pressure.


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