Inner Peace – Turquoise Bracelet


Inner peace is a state of balance and serenity. If we carry it within us, we can easily overcome all of our life’s challenges. Combine the sequence of numbers 1001105010 with a turquoise crystal to get help with anorexia, fear, and bad energy. Connect with this powerful bracelet by wearing it, or give it as a gift as a symbol of good luck.

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Benefits of wearing turquoise crystal
• Helps us with cleaning all harmful substances and toxins.
• Cures the eyes and cataracts, is good for the heart and muscular system, and also helps with anorexia.
• Gives protection against fear, evil forces, spells, and bad thoughts.
• Soothes in stressful situations.
• Strengthens the ability to communicate. It is great for people who are closed and otherwise find it difficult to open up to others.
• When given away as a gift, it brings good luck.


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