Miracle Bangle – Diamond


The Miracle Bangle – Diamond is a symbol of self-love and success. This golden bracelet features four diamonds, and 5 engraved numbers of your choice. Each diamond stands for something different: the first diamond stands for the realization of yourself and your soul, the second diamond stands for freedom in all fields of life, the third diamond stands for love and faith in yourself and others, the fourth diamond stands for success and financial freedom. Choose your numbers, and wear this beautiful bracelet to awaken your inner power and strength.

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The Miracle Bangle is a must-have because it provides the ability to engrave up to 5 numbers and categories on it. It is a great tool that you can work with every day, and that will help you achieve your goals and dreams.
IO SONO is energy jewelry that breaks on its own when the topic you are working on is resolved. A special feature of this bracelet is that it is open and that the energy it carries inside circulates and comes out. Since there is an opening on the bracelet through which energy circulates, the bracelet will not break when the topic you are working on is resolved – you’ll get a sign or information, instead.
The bracelet is for women and men, if you wear it as a couple we recommend that you choose the number 938 Love and 285555910 Harmonious family relationships. With this bracelet you’ll have a tool that will remind you how powerful you are. As soon as you put on this bracelet, you will feel the energy and attract miracles into your life.

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