Opens all the doors of the world – Labradorite Bracelet


The meaning of the number string 691 is to remove any blockages from your life and help you open up doors to consciousness and bring new energy into your life. Labradorite gives you an impulse that points you to the solution. Combine number 691 with a labradorite bracelet that will give you strength and perseverance in order to help you with the realization of your true ideas.

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Benefits of wearing labradorite crystal
• Provides clarity, is a symbol of intuition, meditation, and aura that keeps us protected.
• Stabilizes our aura and protects us from the surrounding negative influences and thoughts of others.
• Leads us, step by step to the realization of our true ideas.
• Purifies the energy in the room, and helps with professional success, so with such a combination of action, it is great for an office.
• Increases intuition, awareness, creativity, and spirituality. It also calms an overly active mind, awakens the imagination and readiness for new ideas.
• Has a positive effect on possible problems with the eyes, also relieves stress, and regulates metabolism.
It is emptied a couple of times a month under lukewarm running water. It is recommended to leave it for 2 days in a bowl with water in the sun – that’s how the labradorite charges.


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