Opens all the doors of the world – Malachite Bracelet


This bracelet is made of malachite, a stone that has been traditionally used as a protective talisman, and as a source of creative energy. Malachite can help you find the strength you need to always stay above your problems and challenges. Combine number 691 with a malachite bracelet to remove blockages that prevent you from enjoying the beauty of life.

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Benefits of wearing malachite crystal
• Awakens in us a strong love for nature and teaches us to live in complete harmony with it.
• Neutralizes emotional challenges and gives the soul peace and harmony.
• Helps us to show our opinions and feelings in public and to tell our truth.
• Cleanses, activates, and balances all chakras, and the chakra located on the heart has a positive effect on the heart’s function.
• Strengthens the immunity of the entire organism, the function of the bile, pancreas, and spleen, and is recommended for the treatment of visual disorders and asthma.
Malachite is cleaned under lukewarm water and should be dried after cleaning and then only charged for a few hours in daylight with rock crystal, in the shade, or without direct sunlight, as it is sensitive to direct sunlight and heat. It can also be loaded in a bowl of rock crystal on a full moon night.


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