Perfect Health – Hematite Bracelet


Health is the greatest wealth of all, and this bracelet can be your key to perfect health and well-being. The hematite stone has been shown to have many good properties that have a healing and regenerating effect on the body, especially in blood disorders and insomnia. Combine the series of numbers 1814321 with a hematite bracelet to get help to become more prepared and vital, in general, while providing you radiation protection.

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Benefits of wearing hematite crystal
• Strengthens the body and eyes, soothes inflammation and burns, balances blood cells, calms the heart, controls its rhythm, and has a pleasant effect on the cerebellum.
• Helps with lung, kidney, liver, and spleen problems, as well as sleep problems.
• Soothes panic attacks and excessive selfishness.
• Brings spontaneity, freshness, and joy into our lives.
• It is good for the aura, protects our energy field, and lowers blood pressure.


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