Perfect Health – Labradorite Bracelet


The greatest wealth in the world is our health. We are here to help you with a special stone – labradorite. Used as a stone for healing, it has a positive effect on your eyes and relieves stress. It also cures colds, rheumatism and lowers blood pressure. Combine the labradorite with the series of numbers 1814321 to get a beautiful bracelet that will be your daily manifestation of perfect health.

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Benefits of wearing labradorite crystal
• Provides clarity, is a symbol of intuition, meditation, and aura that keeps us protected.
• Stabilizes our aura and protects us from the surrounding negative influences and thoughts of others.
• Leads us, step by step to the realization of our true ideas.
• Purifies the energy in the room, and helps with professional success, so with such a combination of action, it is great for an office.
• Increases intuition, awareness, creativity, and spirituality. It also calms an overly active mind, awakens the imagination and readiness for new ideas.
• Has a positive effect on possible problems with the eyes, also relieves stress, and regulates metabolism.
It is emptied a couple of times a month under lukewarm running water. It is recommended to leave it for 2 days in a bowl with water in the sun – that’s how the labradorite charges.


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