Professional success – Rock Crystal Bracelet


This bracelet is an energy-filled piece of jewelry that will help you achieve success in your career. The power of this bracelet comes from its numbers which resonate with the law of attraction and brings professional success to your life. Combine sequence 138 with a bracelet made of rock crystal – the stone of all stones, which strengthens mental strength, stimulates brain functions, and activates all levels of consciousness.

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Benefits of wearing rock crystal
• Activates all levels of consciousness and gives harmony to the soul.
• Strengthens the energy field, stimulates brain function, strengthens the immune system, and balances the body.
• Stimulates all chakras – protects against other people’s energy influences, protects against computer radiation as well as underground radiation.
• Reduces mental exhaustion, improves physical and mental strength, as well as concentration.
• Regulates blood pressure, relieves in case of burns, helps with migraines, dizziness, and fever.
It purifies and strengthens organs and purifies the soul profoundly. The rock crystal is thoroughly emptied for a few minutes under running water or overnight in a container and filled directly in the sun.


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