Wealth – Citrine Bracelet


The power of numbers works perfectly when you have a clear vision of what your heart desires. Everyone defines wealth in their own way, whether material, mental or spiritual sense. Combine the series of numbers 6559914 with the stone of success – citrine, and by wearing this bracelet, attract wealth and positivity.

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Benefits of wearing citrine crystal
• Helps us to move from a lower to a higher level of self-awareness, one of the few stones that cancel out negative energy.
• Encourages optimism and good mood, attracts wealth.
• Encourages sharing and giving. As a stone of solar energy, it has an element of fire and projective energy.
• Helps us to overcome unrest, fears, and dissatisfaction that can turn into severe depression over time.
• Gives us peace, balance, and inner harmony that affects our immunity.
It is cleaned once or twice a month under lukewarm water, and is filled and regenerated very briefly in the sun.


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