The power of numbers

The power of numbers

History and techniques

History and techniques

Grigori Grabovoi, a doctor of physics and mathematical sciences, is an academic who discovered the field of creative information and created original works on predicting future events and their management, conscious correction. Grabovoi has developed numerous researched and scientifically proven methods and technologies of guiding and focusing consciousness in order to achieve the desired results, as well as regeneration and better health. He has published two important books on the topic of establishing a harmonious and conscious life: “Regeneration of health by concentrating on numerical sequences” and “Methods of concentration for each day”.

He says that each number carries in its structure one spiritual and energetic vibration, which independently acts independently of the language in which it is spoken, as well as the vibration carried by words and sound. Our consciousness is connected with numbers and when we concentrate on them, the vibrations of numbers activate the vibrations in the zones of our consciousness, it expands and awakens, and at the same time helps the development of our spirit.

The power of numbers can also be enhanced by using two already well-known techniques.

The first is EFT (Emotional Freedom Tehnique) created by Gary Crage, better known as tapping. EFT works by tapping on the presumed currents through which it is believed that “life energy”, the so-called qi, flows in the body (meridian points). By tapping them, we release the blockages. Each meridian is connected with a certain organ, emotion, and belief. We approach a given meridian through its precisely defined point, which is the most accessible or closest to the surface of the body, and at that point, we stimulate it by tapping (light tapping with our fingers). These specific energy pathways or meridians help balance the flow of energy to maintain our health. It is believed that an imbalance in the flow of energy on the other hand can result in a worsening of the general state of mind and body or illness.

Another technique by which you can amplify and speed up the action of numerical sequences is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological approach that includes the analysis of success strategies, but also actions through which thoughts, language, and actions are connected, and works on correcting patterns of behavior learned through experience with certain outcomes.

By combining these two additional techniques with the power of numbers and numerical sequences, the transformation process is accelerated and it is easier to reach the state of abundance that is sought through the vibration of a particular sequence.

The power of numbers

The power of numbers

Numbers and series of numbers are vibrations made of energy and information. They generate a certain wavelength that affects human organism and sends out healing impulses.

For centuries numerical codes have been used by healers and shamans in different cultures. The effects of numbers on our conscious and subconscious have been researched and documented for years. For example in theories of quantum physics. By activating and repeating this series of numbers the numerical codes work and transfer their power and in that way it touches subconsciousness deeply.

This special power is being transferred to you by IOSONO jewelry. The engraved rows of numbers work on your vibration level and make an energetic bridge to your desired goal.

Universal flow of life

Confidence And Selfconfidence

Sphere of happiness

Ethernal joy and prosperity

Harmony in family relationships

Perfect Health

Harmony of the present

Inner Peace

Professional success

Opens all the doors of the world

Activate the power of numbers

Activate the power of numbers

IOSONO is more than just an optical companion since it has very special powers. A special feature is an engraved row of numbers that transmits your power to you. But how does the power of numbers gets activated?

There are different activation methods.
The first method is to say the numbers out loud or to concentrate on repeating them in your head. It is very important to pronounce each digit separately. For example with the numbers series 369.

– Universal flow of life – three, six, nine, and ‘three hundred sixty-nine’ – same applies to any other series of numbers.

Another activation method is visualization. By constantly perceiving the row of numbers engraved on the piece of jewelry the power transmits directly to the subconsciousness. Every time we see the numbers the power is reactivated. With constant repeating subconsciousness internalizes the message and activates the power.

How do numbers work?

How do numbers work?

Thank you for choosing to believe in the power of your own transformation. In order for the numerical sequence and power of numbers to work most efficiently for you, get acquainted with a few basic principles of their operation and try to use them following the given instructions, as well as the material that you will receive with your order.

Principles of IO SONO jewelry

1. When you get your IO SONO jewelry, you need to connect with it on an energy level. How are you going to do that? When you open the package that has been summoned into your life, prepare a peaceful environment for yourself, be at ease with your thoughts and feel as if your best friend has come, that you have gone to your favorite place or returned to some happiest moment of your life. By opening the package, you will realize that you are guided and always supported in order to open all your desired paths, that IO SONO jewelry and your bracelet will be your navigation towards that coveted goal.

2. Put it on your body, place the bracelet on your arm. You will best connect with jewelry through the affirmation that I personally intuitively get for each of you and that awaits you in the package.

3. My recommendation is to close your eyes 3 times a day for a period of one to 5 minutes and repeat the numerical sequence for your selected objective, number by number, each number individually, repetitively. You should try to visualize the number, to feel it, to connect with it.

4. To enhance the effect of numbers, you can add some of the techniques such as tapping and affirmations. You can include tapping by tapping on the TH 3 Gamut meridian (on hand). Since the meridians are even, it doesn’t matter which hand is involved. For affirmations, you need to repeat your personal affirmation.
Example: IO SONO / I am grateful for the love that surrounds me.
In that way, numbers work best for us because our intention and a certain number harmonize and make a whole.

Note: Of course you can wear jewelry without doing anything with it. Even just wearing jewelry on your body will give you great results.

Maintenance and disposal of IO SONO jewelry

Wearing any jewelry at night is generally not recommended. Although you will want your bracelet to always be with you, physical changes in precious metals and crystals are always possible.
Sea water is not recommended because of the crystals themselves, which can fade under the influence of salt. Gold and silver variants are not bothered by sea water.
During sleep, it is possible to cause a physical tear if your bracelet gets caught or torn somewhere.
That is why we recommend that you take off your jewelry at night for the sake of its longevity. Of course, you can sleep and take a shower with jewelry if you prefer. I personally never take off my jewelry.

What if my bracelet breaks?

If you happen to have your bracelet caught somewhere and tear it off, keep in mind that it is not an ordinary bracelet and therefore you have to approach its disposal differently.
You need to put the bracelet aside with a ritual, a prayer that you will be saying while placing it to water or earth. Kiss the bracelet before throwing it away and say thank you 3 times.
Then the connection with the bracelet is broken on an energy level as well.

Example 1 prayer:

Dear * IO SONO * jewelry,
Thank you for stepping into my life.
Thanks to everyone who recommended you to me.
Thank you for expanding my consciousness.
Thanks for all the magic in my life.
Thank you for all the love.
Thanks for all the vibes.
Thanks for the clarity.
Thank you for the courage and truth I came to know.
Thank you Sladjana for your time and effort.

Example 2 prayer:

I thank all the people, materials, thoughts, books, nature, tools, channels, voices, discussions, headaches, angels, light beings, time, feelings, frequencies, scientists, animals, devices, everything that contributed to * IO SONO * entering into my life and bring magic and fulfillment into my life.

Example 3 prayer:

My dear Io Sono bracelets,
Thank you for coming into my life and for helping me align with (the area the bracelet is for) and for freeing me from the beliefs I had on the subject. Now I bring you back to water/earth, and I open myself to a new experience and realize how valuable I am.

How do I know the numbers work?

I realized the power of numbers and having faith in them.
I realized the power of crystals.
I learned of the energy that comes from ourselves and how to release it from within to support our creative and regenerative power.
Today, I am a happy, successful, healthy and grateful creator of IO SONO jewelry, which supports my life and the lives of my clients with the power of numbers and crystals.
Today, I am a woman who gives support to many other women to realize their full potential, to release their feminine energy, to get rid of old patterns of behavior and limiting beliefs.
I help people discover and achieve their purpose and achieve their goals.

With my group of wonderful and persistent women, I do life-empowering exercises every day. I teach them to laugh and love themselves and their body again, to reject the negativity they have locked in themselves by living in such a spasm, to learn to communicate clearly with themselves and their loved ones. They themselves and working with them are my strength every morning.