Universal flow of life

369 Universal flow of life

The number 369 stands for the infinite flow of life. It vibrates at the highest frequency and in this way represents communication between the universe and our spirit. This popular number sequence is experiencing its renaissance in wider circles today precisely because of its strong effect on human consciousness and the results it brings. That’s why we decided to add the number 369 to each bracelet, on the other side of the plate number of the chosen category, in order to powerfully reinforce the effect of the chosen sequence of numbers.

As a gift from us, you’ll get the number 369 engraved on every bracelet you choose.
By adding the number 369 we want to help you to speed up the process of activating the power of your chosen numbers. 

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Inner Peace


Perfect health

Sphere of happiness

Confidence and self confidence

Professional success

Harmonious family relationships

Opens all the doors of the world

Harmony of the present

Eternal joy and prosperity