What if my bracelet breaks?

If you happen to have your bracelet caught somewhere and tear it off, keep in mind that it is not an ordinary bracelet and therefore you have to approach its disposal differently.

You need to put the bracelet aside with a ritual, a prayer that you will be saying while placing it to water or earth. Kiss the bracelet before throwing it away and say thank you 3 times.
Then the connection with the bracelet is broken on an energy level as well.

Example 1 prayer:

Dear * IO SONO * jewelry,

Thank you for stepping into my life.

Thanks to everyone who recommended you to me.

Thank you for expanding my consciousness.

Thanks for all the magic in my life.

Thank you for all the love.

Thanks for all the vibes.

Thanks for the clarity.

Thank you for the courage and truth I came to know.

Thank you Sladjana for your time and effort.

Example 2 prayer:

I thank all the people, materials, thoughts, books, nature, tools, channels, voices, discussions, headaches, angels, light beings, time, feelings, frequencies, scientists, animals, devices, everything that contributed to * IO SONO * entering into my life and bring magic and fulfillment into my life.

Example 3 prayer:

My dear Io Sono bracelets,

Thank you for coming into my life and for helping me align with (the area the bracelet is for) and for freeing me from the beliefs I had on the subject. Now I bring you back to water/earth, and I open myself to a new experience and realize how valuable I am.